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As a child into adulthood anxiety plagued my life causing grief, until I started practicing Mindfulness which helped me cope, gain insight and not feel so stressed and overwhelmed.

Mindfulness is great for stress, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and addiction issues.  Mindfulness can help you navigate this roller coaster life … and anyone can do it, it is available to all. It doesn’t drain your energy; in fact, it re-energizes and is calming.

Now, I’m not talking about just daily brief meditation, which is a great starting point. I am talking about developing mindfulness into a way of living, something that truly transformed my life.

Meditation involves setting aside specific time to cultivate mindfulness. By focusing your attention on the present moment and actively noting without judgement your thoughts as your mind wanders then bringing it back to focus on the moment without feeling frustrated. This is exercise for the mind will help you with you develop your attention, awareness and acceptance. Then you can move your practice into everyday life, becoming a more open, attentive, less reactive person.

Mindfulness is cultivating awareness, being awake to the present moment, not at the mercy of regret, fear and uncertainty. Mindfulness is a proven scientific technique to help with anxiety, mental health issues, stress and chronic pain. The most important portion of this process to my healing was arriving at greater awareness. I was able to foster awareness, identify fears and resentments and let them go. This process helped me let go of my problem with the need for feeling in control. I could prioritize, find balance let go of my old self, awaken and take what life offered. This process helped me let go of those thoughts that stormed through my mind. I was able to let go and start enjoying my life, family and friends. Now we teach this technique to many of our patients at the NeuroWellness clinic in our dementia, migraine, pain, mental health and opioid dependence clinics. We offer training in mindfulness to our patients and their caregivers.

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