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Opioid Addiction Kills

Think about a small city. Let’s say the population is 80,000. Now imagine that over the course of a year, every single one of those people die… Now imagine that exact same thing is going to happen to another small city every year from now on.

Every day in America opioid addiction is killing people. They are our neighbors, friends and family. The population of a small city simply wiped off the face of the earth. Addiction destroys all and doesn’t care about the color of your skin, size of your home, rich, poor, professional, blue collar, doctor or dropout.

Communities are being wiped out by this problem and it needs to be addressed. Drug overdoses have surpassed traffic fatalities as the leading cause of accidental death in our country. Everyone that needs help should get it and we need action on this crisis.

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) helps overcome opioid addiction through a program that combines medications with counseling. The dual approach of MAT is the most effective tool to overcome opioid addiction and reduce overdoses.

The medications used are typically Buprenorphine or Suboxone®.

These medications prevent withdrawal symptoms, reduce or stop cravings, and block the effects of opioids. They make it possible to stop taking opioids without physical suffering, and in the process, they help normalize your brain chemicals.

If you have a problem with opioids /heroin. Don’t be another overdose death, seek treatment. You can call 405 696 3773 today and enter our program.

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